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QuickBooks Pro Advisor For Dental Practices

Yearly Checkup

As a Dental Practice Owner, Do You Ask Yourself:

  • If I am making a profit, where is all the cash?

  • Why am I paying so much in taxes?

  • Why aren't my Financial statements in a format I can understand?

  • Does my Bookkeeper and CPA even "get" my Dental Pracitce?

By using our 3 step plan, we have saved our dental clients thousands of dollars.  We put them on the path to a more prosperous practice that does not ask the above questions. Schedule your free consultation below!

Image by Sander Sammy

Don't take our word for it. Here is what Dr. McGerr  of PA had to say:

A great asset dental practice, January 9, 2022

"Annette has helped our practice immensely, her recommendations and insight has helped my practice save a healthy amount and make the bookkeeping process easier. One year her recommendation saved us over $100,000 in taxes compared to the trajectory we were on. Very please!"

What can Bookkeeping Aesthetics do for you?

Book your FREE consultation TODAY!

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