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QuickBooks Pro Advisor For Dental Practices

Initial Set Up and Historical Clean Up

Many dental practitioners have a difficult time managing a bookkeeping initial set-up and historical cleanup of their finances. This may be because of the size of the financial institution that your business is working with, or it may be because you just don't have the time to be involved with a monthly bookkeeping schedule that can bog down your busy schedule.

Whatever the reason, Bookkeeping Aesthetics will provide you with Initial Set Up and Historical Clean Up service to manage your bookkeeping better. Specifically, we will discuss setting up your company's first financial account, setting up a bookkeeping schedule, and doing a historical review of your financial records.

Setting up your company's first financial account is an extremely important step in maintaining your accounting records accurately. This will be done when you open up your business's bank account. You are required to include all of your sales, purchases, cash disbursements, and other types of financial transactions in your bank statements. This is a must-have part of your business's financial records. You can go to a financial institution that handles small business banking or you can find a bookkeeping software program that will do the job for you. We, Bookkeeping Aesthetics, have software programs that are compatible with their systems, and this will make it much easier for you to track every transaction that takes place with your business.

Once you have set up your bank account, you will want to create a bookkeeping schedule for your first year of operation. You should keep this schedule up-to-date with each of your financial transactions throughout your first year of operation. You will then use the historical review feature of your bookkeeper software program to look over the records that are part of this set up. The purpose of this review is to see if there are any errors that need to be fixed. If any errors are found, you will need to contact your financial institution and have them fixed before you can complete the rest of your financial records.

Sounds too difficult? Don't worry! Bookkeeping Aesthetics can help all of Initial Set Up and Historical Clean Up.  Contact us today for Free Consult.

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