Initial Set Up and Historical Clean Up

We will set your practice up in Quickbooks Online or Xero which includes importing your information from  Quickbooks desktop.   Any previous transactions not recorded or reconciled will be completed  

Maintenance of General Ledger

Daily activity is recorded, organized with a customized Chart of Accounts and is monitored

Adjusting Journal Entries

Posting Adjusting Journal Entries and working with your CPA at year-end to match the books with their changes

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Bank Reconciliations

Transactions on the books are matched to the banks statements and outstanding checks reviewed

Credit Card Activity Recorded

Credit Card Activity is entered and reconciled.  Balances managed monthly

Loan Amoritization

Loans will be recorded and verified.  The amortization schedule will be set to correctly reflect principle and interest expenses paid.

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Budgeting and Benchmarking

A custom budget to reflect your practice goals will be set up and implemented.  Overhead expenses will be calculated and compared with industry averages

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Bill Pay Service

Organize and Monitor Accounts Payable, ensuring that unnecessary fees are never paid.   

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  • ​Licensed, secure hosting thru Xero or Quickbooks Online that have a 123 bit encryption used by many financial institutions
  • Storage in the Cloud so data can never be lost and can be accessed thru your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Data is never emailed; it is transferred directly from your financial institution to the accounting software or a secure file transfer is done thru Hubdoc and Google Docs
  • Password management software, which has the advanced encryption standard, is used to create strong virtual passwords, therefore never written

Fixed and Noncurrent Assets

All Fixed and Intangible Assets will be recorded and updated.  Depreciation and amortization determined by the schedule from your CPA

Payroll Entries

Using payroll reports to record and properly expense employee earnings and taxes paid

Monthly Reports

Monthly conference to review financial statements that include the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (P&L), and the Statement of Cash Flow

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