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Free Masterclass Reveals...

Professional Dental Bookkeeping by Bookkeeping Aesthetics

Free Masterclass Reveals...

The 3 Killers of Dental Practices in 2022

(and how to protect yours)

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For the "3 Killers of Dental Practices"

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Here's what you'll discover:

Why you are continually asking yourself "where is the cash" when you are making a profit.

We have a four step process that makes you understand what your books are really showing

Why traditional bookkeeping is a waste of time?

Time to upgrade your bookkeeping to the 21st century. Old school bookkeeping is just that..."old" Don't fall behind, update NOW!

Why you feel like you don't understand  your financial statements 

Do you feel like your bookkeeper and accountant are speaking another language? We can show you how they can actually speak your language and help you develop a keen eye with your statements to maximize your profit

Why your bookkeeper doesn't seem to "get" your business 

Do you feel your bookkeeper doesn't understand your "unique" practice? You're not alone. Discover why this is true and what to do about it.

Why you feel like you're paying a lot more in income taxes than you should be

Do you feel like your accountant or CPA doesn't understand your practice. We'll show you why that is.

And....What you need to do now to finally change all this and stop the "killing"!!

Now that you've learned all this great stuff, what next? You'll have a simple yet effective plan to overcome all your bookkeeping challenges

Meet your Guide

Owner of Bookkeeping Aesthetics

Annette Woods
Business Owner
Bookkeeping Aesthetics

Helping dentists since 2016 build healthy and more prosperous practices

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