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Why Having Accounts Receivable (AR) in Your Financial Reports is a Must for Dentists

As a dentist, maintaining a healthy practice goes beyond providing excellent patient care; it also involves robust financial management. One crucial aspect of this management is accurately tracking and reporting your accounts receivable (AR). Here's why incorporating AR in your financial reports is essential:

1. Accurate Benchmarking with Peers

Including AR in your financial reports allows you to compare your practice's performance accurately against your peers. Benchmarking involves assessing your metrics, such as AR days and collection percentages, against industry standards or similar practices. Accurate AR figures ensure that these comparisons are meaningful, helping you identify areas for improvement and set realistic performance goals.

2. Better Understanding of Cash Conversion Time

Cash conversion time, the period it takes for your practice to convert services rendered into actual cash, is a critical metric for financial health. By tracking AR, you can monitor how long it takes to collect payments from patients and insurance companies. Understanding this timeline helps you manage cash flow more effectively, ensuring that your practice remains financially stable and can meet its obligations.

3. Identifying Inconsistencies in Financial Reports

Regularly monitoring AR can help you detect inconsistencies in your financial reports. Discrepancies between reported revenue and AR can indicate billing issues, errors in recording transactions, or potential fraud. By reconciling AR with other financial data, you can ensure the accuracy of your reports and maintain the integrity of your financial management practices.

4. Alerting You to Deletions in Practice Management Software

In some cases, entries in your practice management software might be deleted or altered, whether accidentally or intentionally. Regular AR tracking can alert you to such deletions. If AR suddenly decreases without a corresponding increase in collections or deposits, it could signal that patient accounts were altered. This helps you take timely action to investigate and rectify any issues.

5. Matching Collections to Bank Deposits

AR tracking allows you to match collections to the amounts deposited in your bank account. This reconciliation ensures that all payments received are accurately recorded and deposited. Any discrepancies between collections and bank deposits can be investigated promptly, helping you identify potential issues such as theft, misappropriation, or administrative errors.

6. Enhancing Financial Forecasting and Planning

Having a clear picture of your AR can significantly enhance your financial forecasting and planning. By understanding trends in your AR, you can predict future cash flow more accurately. This foresight enables you to make informed decisions about investments, expansions, staffing, and other critical aspects of your practice.


Incorporating AR into your financial reports is not just a best practice; it's a necessity for maintaining the financial health of your dental practice. From accurate benchmarking and better cash flow management to identifying inconsistencies and safeguarding against deletions, tracking AR offers numerous benefits. By keeping a close eye on your AR, you can ensure your practice runs smoothly, remains profitable, and continues to provide excellent care to your patients.

If you would like to know more about how Bookkeeping Aesthetics can help incorporate the practice AR in your financial reports, use the link to schedule a free consultation.


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